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    • We meet the demands of patients from abroad, offering solutions of high therapeutic value and excellent results at affordable prices.
    • We offer the best economic conditions on the local market, to patients who need treatment for complete rehabilitation, with optimal restoration of chewing and esthetics.
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Let’s Make Your Smile Great Again!

Dentist Bucharest. We provide high quality professional dental services such as oral surgery, dental implant, conservative periodontology, partial denture and dental aesthetic.

Dentist Bucharest

Dentist Bucharest. Our offer totally corresponds to your expectations:

  • We guarantee higher savings compared to other dentists’ in Eastern Europe for an identical treatment solution.
  • We guarantee excellent results.
  • We guarantee short timelines and maximum availability.

Dentist Bucharest. We give you the best solution for you if your case is one of the following:

  • If you do not have some teeth. We place the missing teeth with implant techniques obtaining results very similar to the natural dentition. If you lack one tooth we suggest the solution with one dental implant and one crown on implant. If you lack some teeth we suggest the solution with dental implants and single crowns and/or fixed dental implant prosthesis.
  • If you do not have all your teeth. We restore the masticatory and aesthetic functions with fixed dental prosthesis with the following solutions: All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-8, Toronto Bridge, Circular on 6, 8 or 10 implants and fixed prosthesis with guided surgery. We treat also patients with a bone tissue of low quality and quantity. If you lack the bone for the implant, we suggest you the dental bone reconstruction before placing the implants.
  • If you suffer from pyorrhoea. In most cases, if the pathology is not in an advanced state, we can treat, through specific treatments, the periodontitis and restore the teeth that move.
  • If you want a perfect smile. We can modify teeth shape, colour and position and correct gum disorders. We create a perfect smile with crowns and facets (Smile Makeover – Hollywood Smile.

Dentist Bucharest. Contact us in order to:

  • Receive an estimate. Send us your panoramic tomography. You will receive our proposal for a solution with a relating plan of treatment and estimate costs. You will know in advance and with transparency all the aspects of our offer!

Our team is at your service! Have a nice smile!

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